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My plans for the end of this year

Posted on December 23, 2015 by London Massage

There are a lot of traditions and superstitions regarding the New Year and I have a lot of friends who believe in doing “this” or “that” in order to be sure the upcoming year will be even better than the one we’re leaving behind. I’m not a superstitious guy but if you ask me, I believe that, after a hard year’s work, a man should be able to spend some if his hard-earned money and end the year with a bang...

Talk about a slippery slope

Posted on December 16, 2015 by London Massage

A little while back I was in a really rough patch in my life. Nothing too serious, still had my job and all, but my then-current girlfriend decided to dump me overnight - “Because …”. It turns out I felt more for her than I cared to admit and so life got a tiny bit depressing for me. That’s until one of my closest friends started nagging me about it, advising to cure myself of her like I would with a hangover – by the “hair of the dog”, so to speak. Basically, he nudged me to start going dating again in a short while, but I really hadn’t liked the idea. So he came up something on his own and got me an appointment with a masseuse...

Meet our friends at Asian Sensual Massage

Posted on December 8, 2015 by London Massage

If you’re on London during the winter holidays and looking around for a bit of relaxation amongst the shopping and partying, the beautiful ladies at Asian Sensual Massage are at your service. With highly skilled masseuses and a wide range of massage services, we are sure you will find the most suitable way to unwind...

An unusual experience

Posted on December 4, 2015 by London Massage

Before I tell you what this story is about, let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m a middle-aged man, - some might say more aged than middle – and for a while now I had some health problems typical to men. I tried different things, but somehow they only treated the symptoms, not the cause, and I got fed up with it. I also wasn’t too fond of future operations, so I decided to try a prostate massage to possibly postpone any health issues. I made my research and, in a very interesting way, in Asia – where prostate massage is a tradition for centuries – have a much smaller percentage of prostate problems than, say Europeans. Also, done well, people said it can be very pleasurable in certain moments...

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