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Body-to-body massage is the ultimate private massage experience. It’s tantric, erotic and provides you with a physical journey of pure bliss.

Body to body massage involves both the client and the masseur being completely naked. Other names for body to body massage are; body slide, body glide and body sliding.

It is a sensual and sexual physical journey bringing intense pleasure on the recipient. Ideally you would have a stunning masseur who will apply warm, sweet smelling oil to your entire body. She will then begin to slide her body against yours slowly and rhythmically, working you into a state of relaxation and intense sexual arousal.

This oily, slippery style of massage is incredibly pleasurable for both you and the lady massaging you. The soft rhythms of your bodies gliding next to each other and the skin to skin contact is extremely relaxing. A naked masseuse will use every single part of her body to work all the muscles in your body. There won’t be one inch of your skin that remains untouched after this ultimate massage experience.

The massage itself has deep, historical and cultural roots all over the world and incorporates massage techniques from Thailand, Japan and Australia. Most recently this popular massage technique has become requested more and more in London.

It is relaxing for all who experience it, and those who perform it take real pride in providing you with the sexiest slip and slide massage you will ever experience.

Expect to feel a physical and mental release afterwards and expect all your muscles to feel completely invigorated and energised. Do you feel like experiencing every inch of a beautiful woman on every inch of your body?
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