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Four Hands massage


Four hands massage is the ultimate luxury massage experience. Who wouldn’t want four hands instead of two, gliding up and down muscles, exploring every inch of skin, synchronising movements to provide intense, full body sexual pleasure.

Sometimes it is possible to leave an erotic massage experience desiring something more, no matter how experienced the masseuse was. Men who feel they want to take their massage experience up to the next level might want to try the four hands massage experience.

During a four hands massage, the masseuse will stretch, squeeze, knead, caress and work all of the tension from your whole body. You will feel so aroused, excited and deeply relaxed you will wonder why you never booked an experience like this before.

The two beautiful ladies tending to you will work in partnership, so they will both be moving their hands and bodies solely to provide you with pleasure. Expect them to massage you from head to toe, fluidly working your skin with sweet smelling oils and firm hands. Long sweeping strokes and deeper, pressured stroked that work all your muscles. Your two masseurs will work to release all the tension from your body.

The sensation of four hands working on you at the same time is extremely erotic and you will find yourself stretched like you’ve never been stretched before. Expect to feel aroused and overwhelmed by all the different sensations happening to you during this experience. Your brain can usually understand two hands massaging it, but when it becomes four it becomes much more fun and unpredictable.

So if you feel the need for something more than a basic massage, it might be worth opting for a four hands massage where you get the pleasure of two stunning women working every inch of your body to pure ecstasy.
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