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The Lingam massage revolves entirely around the man. It is part of tantric practices and our beautiful ladies are well versed in the art of Lingam massage.

Lingam actually means penis and in tantra it stands for ‘wand of light’. In tantra men will have Lingam massages and women experience the Yoni massage - both are focused on the pelvis area.

When you have a Lingam massage you can expect to begin your session with your masseuse taking you through some relaxation techniques. The massage will most definitely result in sexual arousal, but the emphasis at the beginning is on relaxation so your senses are able to fully experience all the different types sensual touch.

When you are relaxed the masseuse will start to massage your body using sweet smelling silky oil. The masseuse will start by giving you soft, focused strokes on your inner thighs and pelvic area. The masseuse will then pay attention to your breathing and responses to her technique, so she is able to then increase pressure accordingly, to take you through a sexual and erotic journey of pure pleasure.

The benefits of Lingam massage are not just restricted to sexual benefits. In fact they can help you:

  • Control your sex drive and sexual energy better

  • Enable you to last longer during sex

  • Improve circulation

  • Relax in full

  • Beat stress and anxiety

Are you ready to experience the sexual journey of a life time? In just two clicks, you could be blissfully experiencing an incredible Lingam massage.
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