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When you book a prostate massage you can expect to feel a huge release like you have never felt before.

A prostate massage involves massaging the prostate in order to achieve sexual release. It is possible to massage the prostate inside or outside the anus. An experienced masseuse should talk through this with you so they know exactly how you like to be touched. Usually the process will involve a gentle massage of the tissues surrounding the area before the masseuse skillfully inserts her finger and massages you to ecstasy.

Many men recognise how pleasurable prostate massage can be, and get quite addicted to the feeling. An experienced masseuse is particularly essential for this type of massage, and men who experience it want to experience it over and over again, nothing else quite compares.

Prostate massage is not always done for sexual release (although that tends to come naturally), in fact many men enjoy it because it gives them medical benefits as well.


It is possible to massage your prostate externally if you prefer. This involves gently massaging the tissues surrounding the area using the soft, pads of her fingers to skilfully massage you to satisfaction.


An internal prostate massage your masseuse will usually begin with a soft and sensual massage to the surrounding tissues. Then a slow insertion of her finger and skilful massage to your prostate until you experience full satisfaction.

So if you’re new to prostate massage, or you’ve had it several times and are eager for more, book today to experience the extreme release it provides.
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