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Tantric massage is a sexual massage that uses your sexual energy to enable you to achieve a relaxed and higher conscious awareness. Sexy, skilled girls study the art of tantric massage in full and work to provide you with a genuine, tantric experience. The most skilled tantric masseuses know how to provide you with a huge range of sensual and erotic touch techniques that slowly work you through various stages of pleasure. Expect fingertips to be run along your skin, exploring every inch of your body, awakening your senses. Then expect your entire body to experience an incredible journey of sexual touch, where you will constantly feel as though its time to let go, but your masseur keeps you on edge over and over again until you’re in a heightened state of ecstasy.

Tantra itself is a full life practise, and those who practise tantric massage regularly believe it helps them achieve life-goals and spiritual enlightenment. An experienced masseuse will look to change your life in one night with this sexy massage, and give you pure sexual enlightenment.

Tantric massage itself is a sensual and sexual massage which aims to provide arousal through all the senses and clear channeling of raw sexual energy. There are no restrictions on where you are massaged with tantra, so every single inch of your body will be tended to.

What can I expect to happen?

Every masseuse will her own unique approach to tantric massage. However, most tantric massages will start with some deep, relaxing breathing. Then the massage will proceed to sensual touch, with emphasis on the pelvic area. Tantric massage sessions usually last for as long as you want it to, so the tantric experience will differ for everyone involved, although you are always guaranteed you will feel incredible afterwards.
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